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Nobody wants to think about dying, but nevertheless it's important to consider what will happen to your assets when you're gone. Making a will allows you to choose how to distribute your possessions and property rather than the laws of intestacy deciding for you. You can select specific gifts for those who are most important to you, making sure that heirlooms and items of sentimental value go to family members who will appreciate them most. A will will also give you the opportunity to select an executor that you can trust to handle your affairs effectively, and leaving a will ensures that your loved ones will have no added complications or costs when it comes to administering your estate. You can also make certain that any unmarried partner is provided for in a will as the law will not automatically recognise common-law partners' claims to an estate.


Making a will can even ensure that those who inherit can make savings on inheritance tax while guaranteeing that your final wishes will be carried out. When it comes to getting a will, it makes sense to get a cost comparison to make sure that you are getting the best value for money. Trusted Will Writers compares the market, saving you time over visiting every website while making sure that you won't pay more than you have to. Trusted Will Writers will show you all your options so you can get the will that meets your needs at a price you can afford.

Trusted Will Writers

Making a will is the most absolute way to protect your loved ones and give them a piece of mind.

Death is vicious – we are all going to die someday. If this happens while you are will-less, besides the grief, the people you care about may experience a terrible financial nightmare. Planning for death may seem uncomfortable; you should consider how worse the situation would be if you were incapacitated or dead due to old age, illness or accident without sorting it.


It is very important for you to know that regardless of your age, if you have assets such as savings, a house, and business or perhaps people you would like to take care of, you should consider making a will.

There are several reasons for writing a will:
  • Children: in case you have children or even step children under the age of 18 years, you should allocate funds and the person to look after them.
  • Divorced: incase a previous partner remarries; you may consider updating the will to capture what happens to the assets.
  • Property: in case you have ‘tenants in common’ mortgage, its crucial to outline the fate of your share of the house.

The four main functions of a will:

  • To point out your executors You need to identify a trusted and responsible friend to execute the whole financial process after you die.
  • To allocate your estate You have to define how your estate will be shared amongst those you leave behind.
  • To provide for the surviving loved ones under the age of 18 years After you die, responsibility for your surviving children goes to anyone else with parental responsibility.
  • To mitigate inheritance tax In case you pass away without a will, there are stringent laws regarding to whom and how your estate is shared.

This has two disadvantages:

  • The money may not be directed to where you want
  • The money is likely to be inadequate for inheritance tax purposes.
Many people wonder why they need to write a will. In 2015, 70 percent of people who died in the UK did not have a will. For those families left behind, many problems could have been caused by this including reduced inheritance values, increased costs and additional stress. Our main priority is to help you in writing your will. We want to make the entire process stress free and easy as possible. We simply do all of the hard work for you. We have a friendly and professional team of Legal Consultants who are available to help you seven days a week in the comfort of your own home. Ultimately what we provide to all of our clients is a professional, friendly and flexible service. We will come to your home, at a time of your choosing, day or evening, in order to discuss what you would like in your will. We provide our service 7 days a week. On our initial visit we will explain all of the key concepts and terminology in clear and everyday language. This will enable you to understand exactly what needs to done and how you can do it. We provide a full range of services for the modern family that include Specialist Inheritance Tax advice.

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To find out more about our will writing service all you have to do is give us a call. One of our friendly team members will chat to you about your personal circumstances and what you wish to include in your will. We will then schedule a visit, at a time of your choosing, for one of our Legal Consultants to come and visit you. They will gather all of the necessary information together in order to prepare and write your will. Once this stage has been completed you will then receive your completed will for approval. The whole process takes an average of 28 days. To find out more information please do give us a call today. We offer a fixed fee and guarantee the lowest local will writing prices.